You are an unnamed orphan offering your services as a paid companion.  You advertise your services in the newspaper, and you receive several replies.  Who shall you choose to work for?  How long can you last?  Will you end up married to one of Jane Austen's eligible bachelors, or will you find yourself dismissed?

Four branches are now available, with nine different endings.  These endings are now considered achievements, and you can view which endings you have found in the 'Achievements' bar at the left.  There is also a button in the sidebar to take you back to the advertisements.   Five more branches are in progress, and not available to play yet.

Development log


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I loved playing through the current routes.  Getting through the caroline bingley one was harder than I'd like to admit, if only because I kept wanting to chastise her. Looking forward to the upcoming routes!

As a side note, there seems to be a spelling mistake in the achievements section. 

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so much!  Yes, I think I noticed that spelling error - was it 'endening' or something like that? - after posting.  I'll proofread everything before I post the final version, which all 9 branches and who knows how many endings/achievements.  Promise!